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These all are feedback or experiences from patients since she started her practise.

Yoga – Beginners

             "Before coming to the meeting I thought it would be a good experience to find out new info on yoga techniques.

What I have really received different to my earlier imagination. So much positive energy and wisdom in our life. How to deal with stress nowadays "fast living society", how to distress in a very efficient way?

The exercises we did at the yoga session helped to realise how my body can easily get the healthy balance.

I highly recommend attending Dr.Khushdil meeting/ Yoga session. Very friendly approach and support make a difference!

Don't miss her in the next event!

Thank you so much!!!!!! "
- Joana

Yoga- Advanced

             Hi Doc. I learned lot of new things.

Learned proper way of doing yoga. Asanas and some new poses as well. I was familiar with name of the Asana but proper way of doing that and refreshing them was great. It was nice to connect with someone from same field after so long. As I feel like a missing the link now.

Emotionally, I developed a bonding with you. You are a wonderful human being, very experienced, very knowledgeable and flexible. I wish you luck today and always to keep doing the good work you are doing and achieve your dreams and aims. Emotionally, for myself as well.

The practice of meditation and yoga has given me a new energy and expanded my horizons of thoughts process, think out of the box and boosted me as a person overall. I would like to keep in touch with you always and keep doing this practice always. As it uplifts the person as a whole. I also wish, I discover my purpose, my aim of being on this earth as soon as possible, too.

I learned proper way of doing massage in a professional manner and setting and manner, which I am very thankful to you for teaching me. You are selfless person and also motivated me in some way.

Thank you so much all you have done for me so far.

You’re Friend,
Sonia Gill
Host from SanjhiAawazRadio

Whole body Massage

             I really want to say that after getting treatment with you I feel so energetic and very calm, peacefulness in my mind as well. I like your nature and way of explanation regarding physical, mental problems in a very authentic manner. As I am working in social media education, sometimes I am so tired and want some rest. After conversation with you and having a massage treatment I feel so fare better then past.

I would love to come and see you again.

Thanks Dr.Khushdil.
Kind Regards,
Kathy Phelan
Social Media Education Group

Massage and Shirodhara Package

             I pleased to by having you as my personal doctor. I am always fan of Indian culture, food, Ayurveda and Yoga. As a Yoga Instructor, I recommend to all yoga learners and teachers should do Shirodhara with whole body massage. I had some experiences with Khushdil. She is amazing. I felt some good energy pass through my body during massage. I don't have word for Shirodhara. It's awesome. It's a true feeling of Meditation-without doing anything I got that stage of SAMADHI which is prescribed in yoga literature.
Thanks for recharge me and gave me some good energy and unbelievable experience too.

Thanks a lot.
Fiona Cottingham
Yoga Instructor
Classical Yoga


             I had a massage and Shirodhara package. Which lasted for 60 min. and I must say that it was amazing. Once it’s done my body feels very relaxed and comfortable.

Thank you.

Rejuvenate and Recharge Package

             Last week I had the opportunity to get a full body Ayurvedic massage. It was very revitalizing and recharging. Followed by a steam treatment where I detoxified my body. That day I felt very relaxed and with clarity. The days after, I felt with lots of energy! I'm looking forward to being back in the following weeks to keep this messages as a way of being more energetic in life.

Thank you Khushdil.
Camilo Ruiz Sierra
Camendie video

PanchKarma- Detox (21 Days)

             I am from SOUTH AFRICA. I have heard about Ayurveda a lot and I am interested in PANCHKARMA-DETOX PROCEDURES. One of my friends told me about you and JEEVA HEALTH PTY. LTD. So I came with you for just try to detox my body though, I have pretty good health.

Here is my Feedback

  • Internal oleating: horrible to swallow Ghee first thing in the morning!

  • The concoction is even more horrible; not to speak of the castor oil! ;)

  • I was not hungry at all during purgation, surprisingly; it felt quite good to be emptied out like that

  • Nasya Karma: the oil that goes into nose is really bad! - Like badly burnt Mexican food...)

  • Shirodhara: had a bit of a headache on Day 1; by Day 2 had terrific energy (was dancing around the house like a Hare Krishna devotee in Swanston Street!); and by Day 3 felt very calm and "floaty"

  • Basti: was a bit painful the first 2 times but by the 3rd time not at all; the first 2 days when I went for the second time in the day (evening before bed) had some stomach cramps; nothing serious.

In general, I feel very good after the program. I am in very good health apart from a back muscle that I pulled during exercise.
Thank you again for everything.

Weight Management

             I am a house maker. I was suffering from over weight after delivery of my child.It was more than 30 kg. from my usual weight. I suffered a lot from especially knee joint pain, difficulty in breath, laziness, over eating and tiredness. Dr.Khushdil is my family friend. She suggested me some diet Chart, Pranayam (Breathing Exercise),detox procedures for 21 days and some herbal suppliments too.

I am getting better releifwith in three months treatment.I feel good energy, no pain in my body and weight is just to normal.

I appreciate your way of conduct the whole procedure, perfect and quick result in my problemThanks for evryhtingDr.Khushdil.

- Khushali Shah
Gujarat, India

Stress Management

             I found doing Panchkarma most beneficial for alleviating STRESS, improving skin tone and detoxifying the body in a profound way. I found it more useful than a cosmetic or relaxation treatment as the massage and steam treatment work together to heal the body. I would recommend this to all business people who are in need a rebalance and recharge to help with their busy schedules. I came back with far more energy and clearer in mind. I think certainly worth the investment in these procedures.

Thanks Khushdil.

Tania Mathias
Fantastick Label Company


             AI have had very bad migraine headaches and feel tired quite frequently. I am running my own cleaning company I find it hard to concentrate on my work. Once I came to you and had massages, steam and Shirodhara treatment, now I feel much better than previous.

Thank God I got treatment with you.

After taking treatment I feel so relaxed. I can do work very easily without any stress.

Thanks for everything, Doctor.
- Christine.

Asthma, Hay fever and Allergy

             Since childhood I have had symptoms of Hay fever each Spring season. I get days where I sneeze a lot, have a runny nose, itchy eyes, and overall lethargy. Asthma can also accompany these in certain weather conditions.

Last year as Spring approached I tried cutting out kapha-increasing foods like wheat, nuts, and sweet foods to prevent a build-up of this dosha. But still the same symptoms developed in October to the same degree of discomfort.

I visited Dr Khushdil after some medicine from another Ayurvedic doctor didn't get to the root of the problem. She recommended a detox to clear out accumulated toxins in my tissues. I took some medicated ghee for five days beforehand to draw the toxins into the intestinal tract. On the seventh day I did the main detox procedure.

The next day I was still low in energy since I had eaten very little the day of the treatment. Now I'm feeling quite healthy. Most of the symptoms are clear at the moment. Though it will take a bit longer to fully clear my system so that the asthma and hay fever don't recur. I am happy that I consulted Dr Khushdil about dietary and lifestyle measures to clear my asthma, hay fever and sinusitis. She continues to give helpful advice whenever I need as well.

I would definitely recommend long-term sufferers of asthma see Dr.Khushdil at least once.

Warmest regards,

In Chronic Sinusitis and Hay Fever

             I have had very bad Sinusitis from child hood because of nasal polyp.

I am so pleased having you as my doctor. I was so suffering from a very bad hay fever and could not concentrate on anything since last 6 years. I was always sneezing and struggling for breathing. So couldn't be able to concentrate on my work in daily routine.

God has sent you on my way as a cure. After getting the treatment from you my hay fever is in control and my immune system is getting better and better. I have also learnt to use natural ways to cure any of your medical issues.

You have been so flexible in your timing to see your patients as well as answering their phones at any time of the day. I would really appreciate all your help, support and your advice which takes to use the natural ways to cure your medical conditions. After taking Ayurvedic Panchkarma treatment (detox program for 15 days). I completely feel so energetic in my routine life as well. And can concentrate on my work too.

Thank you again for everythingyou did for me and I wish you all the very best to progress in your life ahead.

Thank you
P. Desai.
Bank Manager

Post Natal Care Massage

             Thanks for the postnatal massages you did.Not only they were awesome but the best anyone can get for themselves. You didn't shy away from using an additional service when I complained of a specific pain and offered me as part of the initial package. You make me feel at home every time I come to you. Thanks heaps doing great work!!!

Inderdeep Sandhu


             I am from JAPAN and believed in Natural medicine therapy. I am a house wife. I have had bad period pain in menstruation after pregnancy and I was too skinny. I heard about Ayurveda and luckily I found you. You gave me some herbal medicine, Massages and I followed your instructions regarding diet and life style.

Now I am absolutely fine. No pain and no any problems regarding menstruation cycle. I got good health too.

Thanks Dr.Khushdil.

Yours fan
- Kairi

Prenatal Care Massage

             I have been consulting for my pregnancy care since approximately 7 months. During my first visit, Dr.Khushdil explained me all the required precautions to be taken in detail. She prescribed specific Ayurvedic medicines for better growth of my child.

I usually take massage treatment from her every monthfrom 2nd month of my pregnancy. This is done with specific herbal oils which improves blood circulation and good for overall health too. She has also suggested some exercises for strengthening of back, thigh and leg muscles. This will help me in my labour. This is my second pregnancy. First was Cesarean Operation. That's why want to be more carefully this time.

Now it's 8th month. I have got bleeding in 7th month. I was so scared. But Thank God, Dr.Khushdil gave me guidance related to rest and diet so now everything is fine. Hopefully my delivery will be also fine.

Overall, my experience of taking treatment and consulting with Dr.Khushdil is good.

Hetal Barot
House wife


             My son, Ayan has got eczema at very young age like 2 years old. Dr.Khushdil is very helpful, understanding &patience. Thanks to her treatment, my son's skin condition has improved a lot. Highly recommend her!

Riddhi Jain
Spark Social Media Marketing

Renal Failure

             I was suffering from Kidney disese since 1998.I was having swelling onwholebody.I was facingdigestionproblem.I became very weak, lazy and nurvous. I took modern medicine and an Ayurvedic treatment else where, but not recovered.Thereafter, I consulted Dr.Khushdil in 2002.First she took my history, examine me with all my reports and then she suggested me some diet chart. She also referred me some Ayurvedic medicines and taught me how to charge accupressure points. After three months I feel better. There after, She explain me yoga therapy and breathing exercise.After 2 years treatment I recovered totally. My pathological reports are also normal. Now I have no problem regarding my Kindey and I am enjoying my life with my grand child.

At present She is in Australia, Still she is my family consultant.
I am very much thankful to Dr.Khushdil.I feel she is my god.
Thank you Doctor.
Mrs. K.S. Thakar,

In Genital Herpes

             I would like to thank Dr. Khushdil Chokshi. I have been sick three years with this difficult sickness caused by virus. I have been trying different treatments without any result. I have notice a big improvement in my immunity system therefore calm, peacefulness in my mind as well. With the diet chart and the detox procedures( 7 days) I have been experienced amazing sensations of energy in my body.

We are still on treatment but after 6 months I just want to say thanks for every moment that you share with me and understanding my pain.

I will join you in Healthy Heart cooking class very soon. I have got Yoga tips from Dr. Khushdil is full of energy and knowledge.

Thanks for everything.

Thanks a lot.
Andrea Fernandez.

Recurrent UTI

             I came to Dr.Khushdil on 1st January'12, with severe burning pain in my bladder, lower abdomen. I was distressed coulnt find any means toi relieve that burning.

I was suffering from this problems since couple of years on and off.

Dr.Khushdil gave me a number of herbal medicines to control the burning. I changed my diet under her guidence, also did a detox programme for 7 days.

After that treatment which was for 2 months, the burning symptoms were gone, I felt healthy and had lost some weight too.

I am very happy with the treatment I received from Dr.Khuhsdil. It's now nearly more than 12 months i tried once a7 day detox for just stay healthy , no longer have any symptoms.

After getting this meracleresult ,I always try to say every body who is in trouble 'go and see Dr.Khushdil.'

Hare Krishna.
Bernadette Hardy.

Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop

             Khushdil is a very passionate Ayurvedic practitioner. She is kind, and will listen to what it is that you want to achieve. I have attended a few of her cooking classes in the past, experienced some very yummy dishes and learnt about good health in a very practical way.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge in practical way.
Dana Citizen
Hi Khushdil,
Your cooking workshop was very informative, Lots of fun and tasty to. It met all my expectations. You are also very friendly and well informed.
Kelly Young
Blissful baby Massage instructor
I would like to say your talk and cooking was great. Happy to have some handouts with me. It was overall very informative session.

Thank you.
School Teacher.