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Why Ayurvedic Treatment?
Ans. Ayurveda’s philosophy is human made out of soul, mind, senses and body. These all play a major role in the creation of health, happiness and the generation of diseases as well. The mind ultimately determines the strength or weakness of the body and its resistance or susceptibility to factors which produce sickness.

Ayurvedic Treatments give you a chance to get rid of your sickness, prevent from any side effects of chronic illnesses and you can enjoy longevity and happiness in your life.

What is Ayurvedic Massage?
Ans. There are lot more treatments are described in Ayurveda. The main Ayurvedic Treatment is “ABHYANGA”. In modern world it is called Massage.

Massage known as "Snehana" in Ayurveda- Science of life - an Indian ancient medicine therapy. The aim of doing Snehan is warming up body, develop the good internal flow, create internal oleation, nourish the skin and body tissues and of course relieves mental and physical stress.

Ayurveda suggests 4 types of Oleations:
  • Tail (Oil)
  • Ghee (Clarified Butter)
  • Vasa (Animal Fat)
  • Majja ( Fats from Bone marrow)

In general, Ayurveda Practitioners are using Sesame oil for massage. If there is no major imbalances detected.

Ans.    As per Ayurveda, Sesame oil is the best option. It is sweet, bitter and astringent in taste. Warming in action and easily penetrates and nourishes the skin. It soothes body from outside. It reduces the effects of Vata (air/ wind) without aggravating Kapha (earth/water). Ayurveda Practitioner will choose medicated oil according to your body, mind type or your physical, mental or emotional problem.
Ans.    Ayurvedic massage is perfectly synchronized, Directional stroke on both the front and back side of the body.The strokes are described asper movement of Vata and its sub dosha's Movement. Sub doshas:
  • Prana Vayu:
  • It moves from head, mouth and nostrils to the navel.

    It takes Prana/Life force in the form of air, water and food.

    It controls Sensory Functioning.

  • Udana Vayu:
  • It flowes opposite direction. Moving from the Navel to the mouth, nostrils and head.

    It eliminates Carbone dioxide and different form of Malas/ toxins-Saliva, mucus etc.

    It creates sounds which we are using in Speech.

  • Samana Vayu:
  • It circulates in clock wise direction around the Navel area.

    It helps to increase the strength of the digestive fire/ Agni.

    It's responsible for metabolic processes, keep moving in small intestine and liver.

  • Vyan Vayu:
  • It moves from the heart to the periphery region in a circadian rhythm.

    It supports the circulation of blood and plasma/ Lymph.

  • Apana Vayu:
  • It Travels Navel to the anus and Urethra.

    Its main function is to evacuate urine, faeces and menstrual from their own path.

What do we offer?

1. Head Massage
  • Herbal hot oil is used.
  • Good for who are Stressed, Overloaded, restless and unclear.
  • Helps to give relaxation, get clarity in mind and rejuvenate scalp and hair cells.
  • Helps to remove dead skin and clear dandruff as well.
  • Helps to release tension and feel more relaxed.
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2. Whole body Massage:
  • Herbal hot Oil to be used.
  • Good for who are having physical and emotional imbalance, strain in body and feel cloudy.
  • Head to toe Massage
  • Helps to unwind mind, relax mind and body, rejuvenate cells and give unbelievable
  • energy to keep going on.

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3. Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is the best gift from God to woman. A person has to take care of each and every aspect in pregnancy. When embryo is developing week by week in mother’s womb a baby needs good potential, healthy diet as water, exercise for good environment as air and supplements for uninterrupted place (sufficient space in uterus) as soil. As a part of supplements- special requirements, we provide pregnancy massage.

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4. Baby Massage

Baby is the most beautiful creature of the God who gives a chance to a couple to become Mother and Father. When it is happy parent will be happy. That is the main idea behind giving baby massage to soothe body, to create calmness in mind and to bring physical, mental and emotional balance in his life.

5. Postnatal Massage

These all complaints after having a baby is quite common for all mum like lots of pain in the body, postnatal depression, all the time exhausted, feeling tired and so much more. Which leads to permanent physical, mental, emotional problems. Better to come out from this situation as soon as possible.

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6. Shirodhara

Shiro- Head
Dhara- Dripping oil like a thread

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A treatment in which drips warm oil in steady stream on the forehead (especially between the eyes) called SHIRODHARA. The Shirodhara technique soothes and invigorates the senses and the mind. A total feeling of wellness, mental clarity and comprehension is experienced in this process. Shirodhara means the dripping of oil like a thread (dhara) on the head (shiro). This is a tantalizing yet tranquil form of Ayurvedic oil Treatment.


This treatment particularly for pacifying Vata/ Prana Vayu and calms the central nervous system. This treatment quiets both mind and the senses which allow the body's natural healing mechanisms to release the stress from nervous system. It improves mental clarity and comprehension.

This treatment has done by Using Copper vessel. It hung approximately 6-8 inches above patient's forehead. Eyes should be covered by wet cotton eye pads.

What are the results of the Shirodhara Treatment?

According to traditional texts (AstangaHrdaya: Sutra 2:7-8), This Shirodhara technique, if done correctly and accordingly, is known to accomplish miraculous healing. It quiets both mind and the senses which allow the body's natural healing mechanisms to release stress from the nervous system. It helps to pacifies Vata, particularly Prana Vayu and calms the central nervous system.

Some of other benefits are listed below.
  • Mesmerizing and tantalizing effects
  • Treatment of several diseases connected with the head, neck, eyes, ears, nose, throat
  • Helpful against insomnia
  • Reduces shoulder and neck pains
  • Coupled with head massage, it inhibits falling of hair
  • Prevention of premature greying of hair
  • Increases lustre and form of hair and more

7. Panchkarma (Detox)

Ayurveda has given unique understanding of disease process which differs fundamentally from Western Medicine. Modern medicine believes in microorganisms – Viruses and bacteria. That are the sources of illness. There are many diseases can treat with anti biotic or anti-viral therapies for short term, but they do not seem to eliminate the weakness and susceptibility which allow these diseases to reappear. Such evidence indicates that the allopathic view of pathogenesis is incomplete. To locate the origin of disease, we must look beyond purely physical factors.

Modern medicine recognizes 2 stages in disease formation.
  • Detection- where clearly symptoms have begun to manifest.
  • Complication – where disease is so advanced and basically irreversible.

Ayurveda believes in 6 stages of disease manifestation.
  • Sanchaya- the stage of ACCUMULATION.
  • Prakopa-the stage of AGGRAVATION
  • Prasara- the stage of MIGRATION
  • SthanaSanshraya- The stage of DISEASE AUGMENTATION
  • Vyakta- the stage of SYMPTOM MANIFESTATION
  • Bheda-the stage of COMPLICATIONS

Ayurveda uses 2 main modalities in the treatment.
  • Samana- to palliate or manage the disease
  • Shodhana- to eliminate the cause of disease

The perfect treatment is to find the root cause of disease. Then only can cure the disease. Samana means to Supress

Reduces or eliminates symptoms.

Samana therapies make the patient feel better. By suppressing the effects of the body accumulated AMA- toxins. However ,samana does not deal directly with root causes of the illness and thus can never effect a complete cure. Similarly, if do not eliminate Ama-toxins, the source of disease, and change the diet and behaviour that created it, the symptoms will continue to manifest. As for example when a person feel headache, he takes aspirin to alleviate the pain. He feels better but not treating the root cause of pain. In this case to take aspirin is the SAMANA therapy-without work on root cause will try to suppress or reduce or eliminate the symptoms. Shodhana means to go away

The cause of disease will to go away from body and purify it.

This therapy get rids of Ama and Mala- the form of toxins and restores balance to the doshas. Its consider as samana therapy because it removes the symptoms of disease and their cause as well. Panchkarma constitutes the foremost shodhanachikitsa/ purification Therapy in Ayurveda.It reverses the disease mechanisms which carry toxic waste products from the digestive tract in to the tissues of the body.This procedure should be done in Third and fourth stage of disease. Which is initial accumulation of toxins in G I tract and toxins taking shelter in a body.

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