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Direct from Diary… Sinusitis

I really appreciate the way of expression of my patient who sent me this letter in Email.

I have had very bad Sinusitis from child hood because of nasal polyp.

I am so pleased having you as my doctor. I was so suffering from a very bad hay fever and could not concentrate on anything since last 6 years. I was always sneezing and struggling for breathing. So couldn’t be able to concentrate on my work in daily routine.

God has sent you on my way as a cure. After getting the treatment from you my hay fever is in control and my immune system is getting better and better. I have also learnt to use natural ways to cure any of your medical issues.

You have been so flexible in your timing to see your patients as well as answering their phones at any time of the day. I would really appreciate all your help, support and your advice which takes to use the natural ways to cure your medical conditions. After taking Ayurvedic Panchkarma treatment (detox program for 15 days). I completely feel so energetic in my routine life as well. And can concentrate on my work too.

Thank you again for everything you did for me and I wish you all the very best to progress in your life ahead.

Thank you.


Bank Manager,

Melbourne. Australia.

I just want to aware all people who are suffering from any kind of allergies, cough, cold, Hay fever, Chronic Sinusitis and so on. In this kind of problem anybody can do very genuine effort to get rid of it. Still it’s come back. Why and what’s the reason?

What is the cause of chronic cough, cold and Sinusitis?

  • Common cold
  • Allergy
  • Infection of the mucous membranes with virus, bacteria and fungus
  • Air bone allergens like grass, pollen etc.
  • Smoke & air pollution
  • Chemicals, detergents
  • Nasal Polyp
  • Cystic Fibrosis.

According to modern science we can easily understand the symptoms of Sinusitis.

Common Symptoms are :

  • Pain & pressure in your face. It’s worse when one lean forward.
  • Blocked nose with yellow or green
  • Sore throat & cough
  • A headache
  • Reduced sense of small
  • Bad breath
  • Fever

I have got most of the causes in my patient. She is suffering from common cold since child hood means it’s chronic Cold and cough. She has allergy and recurrent infection from pollen, pollution and use of detergent in daily use. She has nasal polyp too.

Without removing the cause how it’s possible to get health back?

Ayurveda gives me a very good sight to understand the real cause of problem. So I learnt to solve the problem from root and that’s the aim of Ayurveda is:

“Swasthsya Swathya Rakshanam.

Aatursa Vikar Prasmanam Ch.”

  • One who is healthy should become healthier
  • One who gets seek tries to control or pacifying the causes and get healthy.

What’s the real cause and is it possible to stay healthy in very weird situation?

The real cause of unhealthiness is Unbalanced Dosha : Vata (Air and Space), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha( Water and Soil).

Unbalnced Dhatus : Ras (Plasma- nutritional fluid), Rakta (Blood- life force), Mansa(Muscles-Cover bones), Meda(adipose Tissue- Lubrication), Asthi(Bone- Help to stand and walk), Majja(Bone Marrow- nerve Tissue nourishment) and Sukra(Semen/ Ovum- Reproduction).

Unbalanced Malas : Purish(Feces-Solid Toxins eliminates Through Colon), Mutra ( Urine-liquid toxins eliminates through Kidney) and Sweda ( Sweat- Toxins eliminates through Pores of Skin).

There is an unbalanced in Vata and Kapha Dosha, unbalanced Meda Dadhu and unbalanced Malas in the case of any kind of obstruction like Nasal polyp and congestion of air ways (nostrils).

How we can treat this problem?

“Nasa rogeVyadhi Pratyanik Chikitshyam Nasya Dhuma Sodhanam samanam ch.” - Chiikitsa Pradip.

  • Nasya- needs to do Nasya (Medicated nasal Drop) for soothing the airways.
  • Dhum- needs to give dry fomentation to clearing the airways.
  • Shodhan- needs to detoxification due to Vaman (emesis). The entire toxins in chest and above the clavicle bone come out through mouth.
  • Saman-- needs to balance Dosha due to create the fire- Digestion. Thus the Vata and Kapha are got balance and herbal supplements, creates metabolism to balance dhatus.

After that needs to give supplements, creates strong Immunity system. Along with Daily breathing exercise (Pranayam) and Diet which will not create same problem in future.

So in her case we did detox procedures followed by Nasya and tried diet chart, herbal supplements for develop strong immunity and specific breathing exercises. She is following some tips so she never can get attacks of Hay fever and Sinusitis in future.

She followed all treatment line as I said.

She has got result in couple of months. Now it’s nearly 1 year. She got same problem when weather is changed but now she can manage that situation without any medicine.

If you want any help in this kind of case please Contact Us


Direct from Diary… How to Build Immunity?

Since childhood I have had symptoms of Hay fever each Spring season. I get days where I sneeze a lot, have a runny nose, itchy eyes, and overall lethargy. Asthma can also accompany these in certain weather conditions.

Last year as Spring approached I tried cutting out kapha-increasing foods like wheat, nuts, and sweet foods to prevent a build-up of this dosha. But still the same symptoms developed in October to the same degree of discomfort.

I visited Dr Khushdil after some medicine from another Ayurvedic doctor didn't get to the root of the problem. She recommended a detox to clear out accumulated toxins in my tissues. I took some medicated ghee for five days beforehand to draw the toxins into the intestinal tract. On the seventh day, I did the main detox procedure.

The next day I was still low in energy since I had eaten very little the day of the treatment. Now I'm feeling quite healthy. Most of the symptoms are clear at the moment. Though it will take a bit longer to fully clear my system so thatAsthma and Hayfever don't recur. I am happy that I consulted Dr. Khushdil about dietary and lifestyle measures to clear my Asthma, Hayfever and sinusitis. She continues to give helpful advice whenever I need as well.

I would definitely recommend long-term sufferers of asthma see Dr. Khushdil at least once.

Warmest regards,

Tirthapada dasa.

I have got this appreciation from a patient who was having the recurrent problem of Hay fever, infections and that leads to Asthma. Any kind of infections suggests immunity level is not very strong. The root cause is Low Immunity. This is the very basic question

“How to create/build immunity to get rid of the problem?”

According to Ayurveda, Immune System build by 3 main pillars;

  • Prana- The life-creating force
  • Tejas – Inner Radiance ; The activated state of the reproductive Fluid
  • Ojas – Primal Vigor; The basic Capacity of Immune system – It has the capacity to turn in to Prana and Tejas.

This three are working together to create Immunity in our body.

Ojas defends ourselves against external pathogens. It provides endurance, resistance and strength to ward off diseases. Tejas able to burn and destroy the toxins when activated. It converted in to heat, warmth and vitality. So that time we feel fever. The body produces to destroy the pathogens which attack it. It is our ability to mobilize our immune system’s force.

Prana is the long term activation of the immune function to project and develop life energy. It is the adaptability of the immune system and sustains long term healing processes.

  • To increase Ojas should follow mainly right diet, Tonic Herbs, limited controlled use of all senses and Devotion.
  • To increase Tapas should follow Yogasana, the practice of consciousness in routine and Chanting.
  • To increase Prana should follow Pranayam and Meditation.

Not only Herbal remedy work to create the sustainable immune system. Need to combined specific yoga practice and very special Ayurvedic herbs according to the person’s constitution and ability.

I would suggest one should go to see an Ayurvedic practitioner who is able to find the root cause and capable of giving permanent relief.

Make an inquiry if you are also looking the solution to build immunity and get rid of the infections.

Direct from Diary… Prenatal Care

As a well-wisher of human beings i want to share my experience of Ayurveda practice. Once I got a call from an unknown person.

She asked me for meeting. I gave her time for consultation. The Case facts were as below.

  • She was second time pregnant.
  • She was having problem in child bearing for full Term (9 month). Her first child was premature. She had baby girl 5 years ago.
  • Since birth she (her child) was having recurrent cough, cold, very law immunity and very weak physic.
  • She wanted her second child to get birth at the maturity (means full term Delivery).
  • Her child should be physically, mentally healthy.

She knew about pregnancy that there is consumption between a sperm and an ovum in Uterus and fertilization in the ampulla of the uterine tube. There is some growth week by week in embryo. There should be a labor time between 36 to 39 weeks. During the period there is estrogen hormone level is always high that’s why no bleeding problem occurs in between pregnancy. If that hormone level goes down and progesterone level goes up definitely there are some chances for bleeding, miscarriage or early (premature) child birth.

She wanted to know that why she got early child birth if she was following good diet and other supplements’ as per doctor’s advice? Anything extra care she needs to take during this time?

Any special diet, supplements or exercise she needs to follow?

She had read about Indian Ayurveda pregnancy treatment plan. But she doesn’t know how it can work effectively in her case? That’s why she came to see me.


  • Arogya means Physical, Mental and spiritual Health
  • Bala means Physical strength,Immunity
  • Varn means skin complexion
  • Samhan means compactness of the body
  • Sampadanam means well nourished

Translation of this Sloka is:

A lady who follows healthy diet, natural life style and exercise as mention in Ayurveda can get a child physically, mentally and spiritually good in health, fair in color, strong muscular(bounding of body) and well nourished.

Why a pregnant lady has to follow some special diet and life style and exercises?

Ayurveda says an ovum and a sperm is like a seed. It needs sufficient water, air and soil to grow properly.

Just like that when embryo is developing week by week in mother’s womb .A baby needs good potential, healthy diet as water, exercise for good environment as air and supplements for uninterrupted place (sufficient space in uterus) as soil.

As per Ayurveda there are five elements –Aakash(Space), Vayu(Air), Agni(Fire), Jala(Water) and Pruthvi(Earth) works together to create a fetus in womb initially and that called Prakruti (Basic Constitution)of particular human beings.

How it works:

  • There is a very unique way the fertilized ovum after insemination starts immediately to multiply itself.
  • In the beginning, this cell multiplication occurs in a symmetric, Omni-directional manner. At that time there are two mahabhutas (elements) in process-Akash(Space) and Vayu (Air). Cell Multiplication has been fed by nutrients supplied by the parental material (OVUM & SPERM BOTH).At this stage; there is a need of energy. Then only it starts to grow- to convert the raw materials supplied by the mother through the umbilical cord in to its own nutrients. At that time Agni (Fire) mahabhuta works as energy.
  • In a very short period, the symmetry breaks and expansion acquires a longitudinal direction of layers that takes place from the inside out. At this stage; Jala Mahabhuta( Water)is active.
  • Now metabolic conversion is start from this stage. The nutrients created by this conversion process are bond up in a liquid medium and transported to the various layers (derma) and region of growth differentiation.
  • The liquid flow of nutrients allows the fetus to increase in size. Up to third month fetus is in liquid form. After that it begins to start more defined in shape and structure too. At that time Prithvi (Earth) Mahabhuta is working actively.

That’s why ultrasound can found any abnormality in fetal after third month.

When that lady came to see me at that time luckily she was passing through (the first trimester) 2nd month of Pregnancy. So I could help her very well in implantation and more secure bonding for the rest period.

As Per Ayurveda I advised her to follow some specific Aahar (Specific diet), Vihar (Regular Exercises), Aachar (rules about routine activities) and Vichar (Psychological Activity/Training).

This is the list what to do and not to do during Pregnancy.

  • Always try to be in happy mood.
  • Be neat, clean and well dressed.
  • Try to wear simple cloths.
  • Sleep under roof in clean environment.
  • From first day to last day, pregnant women have to do pregnancy massage twice a day followed by warm shower.

Try to avoid:

  • Excessive sex particularly during early and late pregnancy.
  • Overeating and fasting
  • Sleeping during the day time and staying up late at night
  • Tight cloths & belts.
  • Witnessing or listening the things which give rise to feelings of sorrow, anger, horror or agony /violent.
  • Travelling in vehicle or rough roads.
  • Sitting in an uncomfortable position / on a harsh surface.
  • Lifting heavy things or remaining in a bending position for a long time.
  • Be holding natural urges.
  • Fermented, Heavy, Dry, Hot & Spicy food, Alcohol and meat. Fish is allowed.
  • Visiting abandoned and remote area.

These all things are strictly followed by pregnant women are more advisable.

What about Exercises:

As per famous saying: Walking is the best exercise.

Yoga: Yoga and Meditation are proven an effective ways to develop and maintain perfect harmony and balance in body systems. It improves emotional health of the pregnant women, reduces pregnancy side effects like Headaches, fatigue and constipation. It provides immunity against all diseases and alters brain wave activities reflecting in an increased relaxation and a better focused mind.

Some poses are below in photos: try to do regularly under the guidance of your Ayurvedic physician.

Diet: It is very important in the pregnancy. As per Ayurveda diet is mentioned (Masanumasik Paricharya) month by month growth of the fetus. In first trimester (First Three month of pregnancy):

Development of fetus:

Fertilization and Implantation are mainly happened in First month. Fetus gets development in second and third month.

Mother’s feeling:

Most women experienced Nausea, Vomiting and some specific food doesn’t like to try.

So during this period it’s very important to pacify/ settle the Vata (Air).Otherwise it can result in to miscarriage.


Especially in First month there is a Garbhsthapak (helping in implantation) and in second month some Jivaniya (Life bonding) drug are more advisable. E.g. Yasti (Glycyrriza glabra/ Licorice), Satavari (Recemosa calamus), Milk, ghee, honey.

In third month there is sensory and motor reactions start developing. Try to use more Prajastapan (sustainer of Pregnancy). E.g. Bhrahmi (Centella Aciatica), Yasti.

With light diet like rice, Kari, khichari, sipping cold milk, steamed veg. are also advisable.

In 2nd trimester: (fourth, fifth and six month)

Fourth Month Fetus development: Skeleton development and starting to harden from rubbery cartilage to bone. Heart has already started to beat.

Fifth and Six Month: eyebrows, hair and skin development. Wrinkled skin starting to smooth out and put on fat. Muscular growth is also started during this period.

Mother’s feeling: From the fourth month fetus started to express its desires through the mother’s blood. So women crave for certain food and or flavor Ayurveda recommends that try to fulfill her all demands in this period if not harmful.

Kiki’s (some scratch marks on tummy) might be started from sixth month.


Need to give some herbal drugs which give strength to the uterine muscle and nourishment to the embryo are advised. E.g. Aswagandha (Whithania Somnifera), Guduchi ( Tinospora Cordifolia), Aamla ( Emlica Officinalis), etc.

Diet should be rich in protein too. So wheat, oats, rye, whole meal bread, and pulses like – dried peas, bean sprouts, lentils, chickpeas, Soya-beans etc.

Fresh green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, celery are must along with potatoes.

Fruits like apple, banana, and citrus fruits like lemon (juices), grapes, orange etc.

Dried fruits including dates, figs and almonds are good.

Butter, ghee, fish and egg can be included in diet.

Homemade foods are mostly preferred.

The last but not least third trimester:

Fetus development:

In seventh month fetus follows the light as well open and close the eyes.

In eighths month fetus lungs are well develop and layers of fat are filling.

In ninths month fetus is more developed in size and weight too.

Mother’s condition:

By the end of second trimester women suffer from edema cause of the fluid retention in the body.

In starting of third trimester women has started to get tummy bigger in size. So she can’t digest all food articles. She has to be careful with her diet, exercise and following routine too.

In eighth month women feel more constipated and acidity or regurgitation or vomiting.

In ninth month women feel heavy in tummy, not possible to move smoothly, not possible to walk easily.


Diuretic, Antiseptic, Anabolic and Emetic kind of drugs are more suitable in this condition. E.g.Gokshura( Tribulus Terrestris), Yastimadhu, Bala (

Sida Cardifolia) etc. More ghee, milk and vegetable soups are advisable.

Thanks to my patient who trust me as well Ayurveda To regulate the movement of bowel, to get rid from constipation need to pacify VATA (Air) again.

Need to give Kashay Basti (Decoction Enema) followed by Anuvasan Basti (Oil Enema).

Yastimadhu, Satavari and Dried Grapes are always good, safe and no any side effects. During pregnancy if any problem occurs like bleeding, nausea, Vomiting or any other complaint seek to your Gynecologist/Ayurveda physician immediately.

I gave instructions to my patient as per Ayurveda. She has followed mostly all stuff. At the end of ninths month, she got very healthy baby boy by normal delivery. She was amazed with the result, because she had suffered from bleeding twice during second and third trimester. She continued to follow all diet and routine activities which she had to. She passed through labor pain without any complication. She is having very healthy child with very good immunity power too.

Thanks to my patient who trust me and Ayurveda as WELL.

Please make an appointment for pregnancy care: prenatal and postnatal. We are happy to serve you with our best services.