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We believe in happy and healthy life that’s why we established Aum Yoga and Ayurveda to create awareness about happy and healthy life in local  community with holistic approach.

Our aim is to promote individual health, well being and longevity by wealth of knowledge and experience of Yoga, Ayurveda and other alternative therapies.

We provide different alternative therapies like Massage, Diet, Naturopathy, Sujok, Acupressure and Reiki along with Yoga and Ayurveda.

Our practitioners and therapists are well qualified, experienced, professional and member of very well-known organisation. So they are keen to give their best to treat patients.

We offer Consultation, Ayurvedic Treatments, Massage, private Yoga classes, Ayurvedic Cooking Workshops and also Gift vouchers for special occasions.

  Dr Khushdil Chokshi

She is very keen to learn about Nature and its law since childhood. She was having health issues- constipation, IBS and Low in immunity level. She has got cured by the combination of regular practice of yoga and Ayurvedic treatment.

That makes her mind to learn this science in depth. So she has studied 6 years and done Bachelor in Ayurveda, medicine and Surgery.

She got a chance to teach Yoga in DEEMED University of Engineering. At that time; she had written a book Namely “Yogashraya”.

She was running her own practice at three places in Gujarat, India.

She came to Australia to explore the new world. Initially, she has chosen to work with another practitioner in the same field to gain experience in the western world.

By having more than 15 years of experience in this alternative field she has started Aum Yoga and Ayurveda Clinic in 2014. By the same time, she became trainer and assessor.

Now she is teaching in Diploma of Ayurveda Yoga teaching. She is running a regular workshop on Healthy lifestyle management workshops and Ayurvedic Cooking workshops.

She is a professional member of Australasian Association of Ayurveda.


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